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Just launched!Simple Quiz Engine

There’s nothing more frustrating than working hard on a post for hours (even days!) and getting little or no response. But now there’s an answer to IMMEDIATELY boost audience engagement . . . AND find out what your readers want most at the same time! It’s called ‘Simple Quiz Engine.’

Find out what YOUR customers want to Buy with a simple quiz

View the Demo Video Here

It’s no coincidence social media feeds are filled with quizzes. Quizzes are interactive pieces of content that people love to share.

And the beauty of Simple Quiz Engine is that it helps you design a perfect quiz that engages your audience AND tells you exactly what they want at the same time. It also lets you send your audience to offers which solve their biggest problems on the spot (for an INSTANT boost in sales!)

Build a list you can sell to INSTANTLY

It used to be enough to offer an ebook to coax someone to join your email list. But with attention spans getting shorter by the day, ebooks as optin gifts are losing their appeal fast. Who has time to read through a 100-page ebook these days?

Fortunately, there’s a fun & engaging way to get people on your list. . . Give ‘em a quiz to find out what they really want!

People want to be entertained – and feel that you’re listening to what they want. That’s why quizzes are a PERFECT tool to kill both these birds with one stone.

View the Demo Video Here

Simple Quiz Engine is a hot new tool by David Perdew and the NAMS that let you embed quizzes on your own website (and safely and automatically tucks away all quiz data.)

Getting new subscribers is as easy as sharing a quiz on your website or social media page. (This method of getting new leads is used extensively by big brands such as Disney, The American Red Cross, Brandeis University and others.)

But you’ve got to act fast if you want to lock in your purchase of Simple Quiz Engines at LIFETIME pricing (no recurring fees ever if you purchase NOW!). The price rises significantly after the launch closes on April 3!

View the Demo Video Here

To Your Marketing Success!


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