Marketing is essential to selling and Peter Carruthers knows what he is talking about in this area.

Guest Post by Peter Carruthers

Most of us don’t see the selling and marketing of our deliverable as work we get paid for. Yet that work is more responsible for our income than the deliverable is.

Each new marketing effort runs our gauntlet of enhanced expectations. We worry that the response will come like a tsunami. It won’t. In 32 years and thousands of efforts, I came close twice. Both were joyful events.

Zero response feels worse. It shouldn’t. We learn more from that than we do from “success”.

Marketing is not comfortable territory

Marketing is not comfortable territory. At least, not for most of us owners of small businesses. We tend to carry our emotions on our wrists.

If some new outreach reaches nobody we agonise over it so much that we never try it again. Not even a variant. That single learning experience could put us back years. We interpret it as failure.

What if we treat each effort as an experiment? (Which is exactly what it is. No matter how often you’ve done it.) Start with no assumptions.

Then, don’t take the results personally. That way we do not set ourselves up for a fall.

Two outcomes from Marketing experiments

There are two outcomes from marketing experiments. Either you earn more money or you gain more experience. Both are fine outcomes. Although the money always feels more like success 🙂

Peter Carruthers

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So true. I think we all hate marketing, and yet if we don’t tell people about our book, who will buy? I like the idea of seeing each attempt as an experiment. I must just start keeping track of the experiments or I won’t know what works and what doesn’t. Thanks Val.

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