How To Use Your Writing Skills To Start A Profitable Online Business

Four Month MentorFour Month Mentor

This “Beginner Friendly” Plan Gives You User-Friendly Modules with Checklists. If you complete one every week for the next Four Months, your small ePublications Business will soon be thriving…

Do you know how easily you can make money by selling Info-Publications (small reports on specific topics) of less than 15 pages in length? Not writing a book that sells at bookstores. Not self-publishing a manual through direct mail. Not creating a full-length information product. Not even writing a 50-75 page eBook. We’re talking about writing tiny, 7-15 page Info-Publications that sell like crazy.

Walk with me for four months and discover how to start your own online business writing and publishing small 7-15 page mini reports known as Info-Publications.  Here are some of the things you will learn along the way.. using FREE resources…

  • How To Choose A Market For Your Info-Publication
  • How To Find The Perfect Idea For An Info-Publication
  • How To Create A Great Title For Your Info-Publication
  • How To Write An Info-Publication
  • How To Package Your Info-Publication For Maximum Sales
  • How To Price Your Info-Publication
  • How To Position Your Info-Publication For Mega Success
  • How To Create A Compelling Sales Letter
  • How To Setup A Website
  • How To Obtain A Free Domain Name
  • How To Add An Cover Graphic To Your Website
  • How To Prepare The Order Process
  • How To Setup A Payment Processor
  • How To Position Your Files For Easy Downloading
  • How To Prepare For Your First Order
  • How to Automatically Deliver Your Info-Publication After Payment
  • How To Keep In Touch With Interested Buyers
  • How To Market Your Info-Publication
  • How To Find Red-Hot Ideas For Future Info-Publication

There are many similar courses on the web, so what makes this one different? Simply this. I teach you how to “get your feet wet” without it costing you an arm and a leg while you are considering whether internet marketing is for you. When your business takes off, you may consider moving to paid resources, but this is a great way to get started.  And the best part is, you can use the same system to sell ANY products if writing ePublications (electronic publications) is not for you.

ePublications can be about virtually anything – Homeschooling, Football, Fishing, Playing Golf, Restoring Mustangs, Youth ministry, Marriage, Small Business, Teaching Sunday School, Skincare, Paintball, Retirement, Living with M.S., Overcoming Addiction, Fundraising, Discount Travel, Travel Tips and more.

Many writers are selling their short publications on Amazon’s Kindle. Even the books that sell for as little as 99 cents may be extremely profitable due to the vast reach of the Amazon marketplace. One student who specializes in 99 cent how to books is reported by Google to bring in over $1400 a month. Quite a few have already sold over one million ePublications in the Kindle Store.

Writing ePublications is definitely a skill worth learning.

 You Can Do This!

You won’t be required to write a book!

You won’t be required to write an eBook!

You won’t be required to create a course! 

ePublications Are A Great Way To Make Money Online…

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