Some Good Copywriting Tips To Help Your Sales

dartsPeople producing products often swing to one side of the pendulum or the other when advertising their content. Some treat it as a cold business deal, impersonal and formal. Others go overboard with sleazy sales copy that makes you want to run a thousand miles. You have to hit the target to get results!

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A Simple and Powerful Video Player that Works Everywhere

PIXIntroducing the Simple Video Management System

I’m always looking for ways to promote my books and products and am really excited about this new software. I acquired it today and will be adding it to all my sites.

What’s so great about it?

I’m sure you’ve noted that some videos just will not play on your smartphone or tablet… and even sometimes on your desktop.

That is SO frustrating and David Perdew invested $10,000 to produce the answer. He has thousands of videos in his various programs and this software keeps track of all of them.

The player is very user-friendly, simple to use and setup and compatible with all devices, which means everyone will be able to view it on whatever device they are using…. from smartphones to tablets to PCs.

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How to Effectively Market Your Products with Facebook Pages

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How To Use Your Writing Skills To Start A Profitable Online Business

Four Month MentorFour Month Mentor

This “Beginner Friendly” Plan Gives You User-Friendly Modules with Checklists. If you complete one every week for the next Four Months, your small ePublications Business will soon be thriving…

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Video Courses to Grow Your Business

Video Training

These video tutorials are presented by experts in their field and I highly recommend them to you. Learn how the social media networks can work for you and take advantage of the incredible opportunities they present to grow your business. Continue reading “Video Courses to Grow Your Business”