Publishing a book positions you as an AUTHORity in your field and can do the heavy lifting in many areas of your business.

Here are ten things a book will do for you:

  1. It is a powerful lead generation tool with the plus factor that you get paid as you generate leads.
  2. It can be used to educate your prospects about your products or services and get them interested enough to buy before they even contact you.
  3. Strengthens your relationship with your existing clients.
  4. Superb way to generate referrals.
  5. Incredible networking tool that gets you remembered, taken seriously, and enables you to stand out from the crowd.
  6. Can be used to promote multiple income streams.
  7. Leaves a legacy for future generations.
  8. Great for generating media coverage that would normally cost thousands.
  9. Makes you appear instantly credible as an expert authority on your topic.
  10. Makes you more visible to people.

Imagine a Pool Maintenance Expert sharing his book on “Ten Ways to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Every Day”? Guess who people will most likely call when they have chlorine lock? Someone in the Yellow Pages? A Google search on the internet? Or the author of the book who shows his expertise in dealing with issues like this? In fact, they feel like they already know, like, and trust him because they have seen his face on the back cover and sampled his expertise.

Do you have some expert knowledge or a particular passion you want to share with your generation? You may already have written a short book, but don’t know what to do with it. You can get it published on Amazon and reach literally hundreds of thousands with your message… at no ongoing cost and with up to 70% royalties for sales.

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Get Visible!


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